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5 Differences Between Field Golf and Indoor Golf Simulator Games

Field Golf and Indoor Golf Simulator Games

Indoor golf has been made possible since the introduction of the golf simulator. This will allow you to have the best of golf on a graphically or photographically simulated golf course or driving range. The system saw its birth back in the 1970s. Nonetheless, more advanced systems utilize a projector, hitting the screen, a dedicated room, and other paraphernalia. Everything is controlled inside the indoor golf simulator. This offers a perfect opportunity for individuals looking to perfect their skills as well as those in practice.

It makes use of a projected landscape with natural images. The computer makes the necessary calculations on the trajectory of the ball from data collected from the swing. The image of the golf ball is then simulated on the screen by a projector. The best indoor golf simulators should present club speed, ball speed, club path, ball path, club face impact angle, horizontal and vertical launch angle, and spin.

Gone are the days when the haves in society would assemble on some fancy golf course to have the time of their lives. Golf is now accessible to the very simple citizen who admires the game. Gone are the days when you see Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth roll it out in the green fields. As much as it’s fun to watch them, it kind of makes you want to be in their shoes. Golfing can be fun as soon as you understand the grace and valour associated with the game. Thank heavens that now you get to enjoy this experience regardless of location, season, or some fateful weather.

Unique Differences between Indoor Golf & Field Golf

The major difference between the two isn’t in the fact that one is played inside and another under the sun.  It’s the equipment that brings about the distinguishable difference. Outdoor golf only requires a couple of balls, putters, flags, scorecards, and a course and you’re set to roll. To make the indoor experience somewhat similar to the outdoor, a number of technological advances have been made giving birth to the presently esteemed indoor golf simulator. The best golf simulators 2017/2018 come quite pricey. Nonetheless, at the Hungarian Games, – all you have to do is visit and play.

1.    Simulator Mats

Unlike the properly trimmed golf course, most indoor golf simulators use a rectangular sensor mat. They are installed with microchips and sensors to monitor the speed of the club as it gracefully passes back and forth the sensors. It also estimates the angle and speed of the club as both the club and the ball pass through the second sensors following impact and finally, the ball direction, as it goes through the third sensors. Optishot golf simulators and those from GolfBlaster3D, TruGolf, Unex Golf, & ProTree United are among the ones offering such technology.

2.    Radar Systems

Another thing you won’t commonly observe while in the field are the radars that stand just next to the player to conveniently gather launch data. However, the system is still applicable in the outdoor setting and is used by top professionals during training. They work by emitting microwaves which reflect off any moving objects and transferred to the sensors. Afterward, they record the trajectory followed, launch angle, the direction, and the speed. Further physics is applied to the data collected to figure out the spin, axis, and tilt.

3.    Sonic Sound Systems

A golf simulator comparison shows how improved systems strategically place microphones right around the impact screen. The sound systems work to measure and compare the sound made by the ball hitting the screen. The sound amplitude of the impact arising from each microphone is measured and an XY impact position determined.

4.    The Camera Systems

In combination with the use of the optical sensor technology, cameras are the game changers when it comes to the indoor golf simulator. The number of cameras varies from a simulator to another. Golf simulators will have from, at least, one camera up to four cameras for high-quality ones. Complex physics algorithms come in play to process the data giving forth information such as club face angle, trajectory, side spin, back spin, swing path, distance, loft, carry and roll.

The modern indoor golf simulator cameras will come in two main types – the Triggered and the Continuous cameras. The previous take images only after the club has gone through a trigger point which activates the camera. The continuous one, on the other hand, permanently records and processes data immediately after impact with the ball has been observed. This calls for a frame rate of up to 100 frames per second per camera.

5.    The Area Used

Whereas a golf course can be as big as the size of land with most ranging from 5000 to 7000 yards, the indoor golf simulator requires a much smaller space. The standard area is anywhere from 13-16 feet wide, 20 feet long and somewhat around 9.8 feet high. This space is enough to allow for swinging and freedom of movement. This space works just fine for both left- and right-handed players. These full swing golf simulators are mostly found in commercial use allowing users a number of holes for a certain duration of time.

Other Advantages

Indoor golf simulators for sale are quite expensive; you will find the updated ones with $10,000 and above in your pockets. Some will go for as high as $70,000 and are mostly used by professional players in their training. The ability to play under controlled ambiance seems to be the ultimate advantage of these simulators. The fact that you don’t have to take a raincoat with you to the golf course or worry about the scorching sun is but awesome. In fact, you now don’t have to worry about winter anymore. Train and play all year long without any disruptions.

Moreover, players get to enjoy every facet of their swings; from the measurements taken from the angle of attack to angle of the club face and the different speeds also offer the player a better training experience. They get to do it better next time – as they say in golf, ‘you’ll make bad shots till you make the perfect shot.’ Chances of improving one’s game using an indoor golf simulator are improved – grab that chance.

It doesn’t end there. Due to the widespread love and practice of golf, to find an indoor golf simulator near you, all you have to do is go online. That said, you should consider checking Hungarian Games for a better experience.

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Remember these golf simulators could be more than just play for you. It could be a chance for you to unite and reconcile your employees. The simulators are being put to use by top-performing companies for team building experiences. This activity could also be a chance to spend some time alone to unwind.

There you have it golf fanatics! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing indoor golf simulator yet, you wouldn’t know until you try it.  So why don’t you spice up that experience and do some indoor training? It actually is one of the most gratifying experiences – you will be going back for more play in no time.

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