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The Health Benefits of Playing Team Games

Benefits of playing team games

What Are the Health Benefits Of Playing Team Games?

Playing team games is good for your mind, your relationships, your job performance and more! Okay, that is great, but what’s how does this work in the context of an escape room? It’s a normal-looking room which has numerous puzzles and mind teasers. You’ve got one hour to resolve all of them and finally escape the area you’re in.

Benefits of playing team games

It is hard to remain healthy nowadays, and it almost sounds too much to ask for something that’s fun and great for you. But look no more! Escape Rooms will be the newest trend, and it’s clear to see why with all the health advantages intertwined with just enjoying yourself.

Here, we’ve recorded 12 reasons escape rooms benefit your general health.

To put it plain and easy – it feels really great to win! Dopamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter your mind releases to positively promote beneficial actions. While performing puzzles, the brain releases dopamine in reaction to some dimension breakthroughs in achievement (ever finished a 1000-piece puzzle?). This provides us with an immediate feeling of satisfaction, and that’s the reason why we see people in escape chambers battling to be the person who inputs the code or turns in the secret. Now imagine the effect you get combined when playing team games with the people you work with!


Advantages of dopamine comprise:

  • Positive Mood
  • Sharper concentration
  • Increased memory
  • Heightened social abilities

The mind likes it when we resolve puzzles and strengthens this action through having an influx of dopamine which literally leaves you a sharper student. The mind needs more flow of dopamine, inspiring one to find increasingly harder challenges and puzzles to solve! That is the reason why people often wind up itching to locate the best escape experience. Playing team games can often increase the levels of cohesion needed and ramp up the stimulus when you win as a group.

Escape Room Games Enhance Your Overall Mood.

You’re locked in an area with friends/family for a single hour. Odds are you will need to talk to each other if you would like to stand any chance of winning when playing team games.

Your staff must work together to fix each of the puzzles and depart the space. To achieve this, you’ll need to convey each and every detail of this space effectively. You’ll also have to follow other players. This brings forth the chance to observe the worth of offerings from other people. When you are finished (if you escape or not), you’ll have the ability to move these experiences to your daily life, and you’ll find it a lot easier to convey in general.

Playing team games improves your mood

These little discoveries launch dopamine into your mind, and each of those very small releases of dopamine adds up and influences your overall mood and disposition favourably. All these tiny doses of satisfaction help you feel fuller and more energised, less reclusive and much more sociable, less glass-half-empty and much more glass-half-full. Use escape rooms frequently and people around you may see a positive shift in character – you will also!

Want to become a better swimmer? Wish to become a better cook? Want to increase your problem-solving abilities? Playing team games will help you to improve the likelihood of all of these.

Escape rooms are full of entirely unique puzzles. Each puzzle requires one to step beyond this box and consider things in ways you might not have before. While finishing an escape game, you’re arming yourself with alternative techniques to solve problems in everyday life.

Playing Team Games Enhance Your Abilities.

When everybody in the team is working with a teamwork-oriented mindset, you’ll realise that it’s a much healthier environment for all members compared to being in a group where everybody merely thinks for themselves.

When playing team games, it’s often required to utilise more than one individual to finish a given mystery, such as somebody reading info to an individual player in another area, or having to push two buttons on the opposite side of the area at precisely the exact same moment.

Playing team games enhances your abilities

Just take a look around! Nothing within an escape area is there by chance. In the play, people are a lot more concentrated and aware than they’re in day-to-day life, and with great reason. Missing the most minute detail can throw off your whole game and cost your team the name of a master escape artist.

Attention to detail is a valuable skill to possess, and playing team games in escape rooms is an enjoyable way to hone in on and enhance this ability! After finishing a space or 2, you’ll wind up more enthusiastic than ever before! Who thought building life skills might be so enjoyable?

Playing Team Games Is Good For Your Health

In any escape room, you’re given a limited period of time (normally 1 hour) to complete the puzzles. In addition to THAT, you have around 30 puzzles to solve in one room. That is a whole lot of experience to manage! You are going to see exactly how quickly an hour may fly!

Spending too much time on a mystery might be your downfall so you truly have to manage your time correctly and prevent the unnecessary. Try and examine the big picture, the actual aim. Have you got each of the things needed to solve a mystery, or does this look like something is lost? Consider unlocking some boxes to acquire more things. Ensure that you invest your time and divide up your team to cover more ground in less time.

Playiing team games is good for your health

With how busy everybody is nowadays, getting the recommended 30 mins of exercise per day can be a challenge. In an escape room, you receive double that! Yep, you’re trapped in an area for a single hour; also if you are serious about it you will be darting around all corners of the rooms searching for and cracking codes! This is precisely the kind of physical activity that the AHA is speaking to if they state moderate-intensity physical action.

If that is something that you are fighting to do, escape rooms are a terrific way to be more energetic. You will not be stressing yourself, but you’ll have a fantastic time darting around the area in the hunt for hints! So with this particular activity, there is actually not any explanation. Everyone can do it, you!


Moderate exercise helps to combat:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Risk of Coronary attack/stroke


Escape Rooms Offer You Over Your Recommended Daily Workout.

Spending quality time together with people is important to forming healthy and long-lasting connections, and playing escape room games are an exciting means to achieve that!

People’s personalities really shine through in a getaway area situation, and that may be great for actually getting to know your colleagues. When you get started forming meaningful relationships and outstanding teamwork with colleagues, your job environment will change into a magical location! The advantages of a much better work environment comprise lower anxiety levels and a better overall disposition.

There’s not any greater way to find those feel-good vibes. Going out to dinner or grabbing a movie is really dull, and there isn’t anything to do besides stare at each other’s sterile, tired faces! Instead, do something exciting as a staff and improve your time together. Jump to an immersive, stimulating escape area experience and also have an excellent time with anybody on your list of family and friends. A common goal such as quitting the zombie apocalypse or escaping a maniac clown gets your weekly get jointly a lot more exciting.

Escape Rooms Offer You Over Your Recommended Daily Workout.

With enormous amounts of technology on the planet now most of us live quite sedentary lives, and it’s wearing on our hearts. The average number of deaths from heart disease per year in the U.S. is shocking. 614,348 individuals die annually from heart disease in the U.S. Odds of developing heart disease shed a whopping 50 per cent by merely obtaining the recommended 30 minutes of moderate-physical action every day. That’s a substantial difference!

Games are just one hour long, which means you’ll, in fact, be doubling the urge time for daily physical tasks.

Anxiety is really valuable in situations like an escape room. Your pulse is racing, and you’re prepared for action, your breath is fast and becoming more oxygen into the brain. Anxiety keeps us sharp and on our toes usually. Once left unmanaged, stress builds up and may result in the development of severe health problems like stomach ulcers, asthma, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Had a trying year? You have to unwind, man! Even though most of us live hectic lives, it is vital to recharge our batteries with a fantastic time every now and then. Escape Rooms are enjoyable for anybody, no matter how old or young. Escape games are fantastic for winding down, and twisting down is very good for your soul. What exactly are you waiting for? Get out and prove yourself a tremendous moment.

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