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How Effective Are Escape Room Games As Team Building Activities in Dubai

team building activities in dubai

In as much as the escape room concept is new in most parts of the globe, Dubai has emerged at the forefront as a lead host in the best team building activities in Dubai. As a matter of fact, a number of developed countries could borrow a thing or two from this well-off desert city. In fact, they are openly accepted by more and more firms in Dubai as they get to witness the effectiveness of the whole ordeal. Escape room games are proving to be an effective, productive, and one of the best team building activities in Dubai.

What Exactly Are They And How Do They Work?

Why would a fully grown mammal willingly agree to be put inside a room and locked inside? The science is quite simple – primates have a consistently inquisitive nature. An innate curiosity propels one to always know and find out things. Have you ever been in a position where someone started telling you a story in such an interesting manner then suddenly stop in the middle? Didn’t you want to shake them to the core until they tell you the whole tale?

Now, transfer that notion to the escape rooms. Add a little tingle in the equation out of the ‘dangers’ in an escape room – you won’t get out unless…

Basically, one is locked inside a room with their team members which they need to escape from within a specific amount of time. Something bad always happens at the end to those who fail to gather all the clues to free themselves. The best thing is, win or lose, you can still have a good time and fun.

That said, what are the benefits of team building activities in Dubai anyway?

One’s Truest Nature

Only under extreme conditions will one’s true colours come out. This could be a mind play for you to get to understand your employees better.

Moreover, as the team cooperates to find all the clues, you will find that even the bashful ones will want to have a say.  They too will want to be heard as they contribute towards the end goal. This will slowly be transferred to the office setting as it generally becomes easier being around the same people.

What’s more, this is the best chance for you to know the different personality types of your employees. In every group, you are likely to find the motivator who encourages the team time and again about the possibility of seeing it through – even when the time is far past. There is also the strategist who makes the most useful contributions – these ones would be most useful in problem-solving back at work.

There is also the detail-oriented who won’t miss a detail. These ones are quicker in noting all the clues available and are also crucial to the team. The intuitive will be the brains of the team – although they might think too much, time and again, getting outside of the box. Keep an eye on these thinkers. Fold your fingers and pray you have a pressure player and a team player amongst your members. These ones go a long way back in the office to contributing to company success. Good luck with your play and search in team building activities in Dubai.

Listen & Commune – The Ultimate Office Traits for Success

If you are to get the best from your employees, you have to let them speak and listen when they do. By the way, it costs zero Fils to just listen, so listen, or be the loser.

The advantages of these particular problem-solving, team-building activities in Dubai are that it gives everyone ideas on how to solve certain challenges in the office setting. It’s time to play and release the tension. Communications are fastened amongst employees and with you too.

Furthermore, each member has to be heard – each contribution will work towards succeeding in the horrors of the room. This builds respect and mutual understanding among the teams which when transferred to the job setting, is perfection at its best!

Encourages Goal Setting

Working under constrained times gives people a deeper sense of focus. In fact, you can do simple 5-minute team-building activities in the office setting.  These activities will give your company positive results in the long run.

Remember, the objective is to escape inescapably or else risk their fate!

Rewarding the Fearless

There will be mates in the different teams who outdo themselves in the groups. These ones make the biggest contribution due to their lateral thinking. This could be an opportunity for you to reward them hence encouraging the same in the future both during the plays and at work.

Moreover, the best groups, the ones that use the least time in coming out and the most collaborative ones deserve a form of recognition. Whatever trait you decide to reward through corporate team-building activities, you encourage the same even at work.

Leadership – Core to the Success

Three-quarters of all the groups that fail to get out do so due to a lack of proper leadership. The escape room challenges enable you to set little traps that require the team to rely on a leader. Their ability to recognize this, agree to have one person shepherd them throughout the ordeal, and also fully respect them will eventually determine their triumph.

The leaders should also be able to give an ear to their members. They, in turn, should respect their every word and be able to reason out quickly to emerge victoriously.

Ability to Regroup Back At Work

Remember the different personality types we mentioned above and discussed before. Observing these qualities gives you the chance to reframe the work setting. You are also more likely to know what positions at work suit who exactly – the best fits for certain positions will display observable traits. This might save you from too many interviews which rarely bring out people’s inner nature.

Collaboration and Productivity

Individualism is the sure ticket to the belly of some hungry, blood-thirsty ghost. Collaboration should not be an option; it should be compulsory if members are to open the door on time. Thus, in as much as the office place ought to be a competitive place, there should be team efforts as workers put the company’s needs above an individual’s needs.

This builds trust among the players as they realize the importance of depending on each other. In fact, outdoor team-building activities in Dubai will also play the same role in uniting efforts. You can simply organize that and see how it works out.


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Final Word

Team building activities in Dubai have proven to have many benefits to employers and employees alike. Nevertheless, you might still find yourself experiencing difficulties in settling down the office tension which is pulling your team down.

The concept of team building has been picked up by the best-performing companies worldwide due to its effectiveness. If statistics are to go by, 49% of companies in most countries will have picked up this concept on a whole new level in the next decade. You might as well start now and see the results for yourself.


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