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7 Splendid Team Building Activities in Dubai and UAE

Splendid Team Building Activities in Dubai and UAE

What Are The Best Splendid Team Building Activities That You Know?

Anyways, one of the best things you can ever do for your workforce in the work setting is to provide a splendid team building experience for them. The work setting can be stressful with paperwork and calls and angry clients to deal with. I mean, that list is endless! Humans are social beings and as such, when this is deprived of them, then the age-old adage about Jack doing all the work and no play applies here. You obviously want some excitement in the office – it always lights up the surroundings and results in self-driven workers and higher productivity.

However, how will it benefit you to just let loose and give your employees some fun? Some cynics have still not been convinced about following this route in the name of time and money wastage. Chances are, you have a nonproductive, burnt-out, and grouchy team if you fall into this pitiful group!

Perks Involved In Team Building

When it comes to splendid team building activities, Dubai doesn’t fall short of choices. However, if you are still inclined to think that this will be nothing but a time waste for your company, perhaps you should see the attributes other companies have enjoyed from such practices.

Holding a splendid team building for your workforce is like giving your people a chance to bond. Relationships are thus built amongst your employees as trust and respect are fostered. Remember, there will be competitions where winners are rewarded. People will have more regard towards each other as they get to witness the skills and capabilities of their teammates as well as their opponents. As you strengthen the office morale, you create a certain culture which will outlast you and see your company reach unimaginable heights.

Moreover, you’re not only boosting teamwork among your workers, but you’re also encouraging better communication. Your employees will be more open during team building games activities for leisure time. Here, you’ll get a chance to listen to grievances and offer solutions if not solve them. This is also the platform where you get to mentor leaders. Since each team will need a leader, you get to identify traits you might not notice in the office setting.  Even the very shy ones open up in a more relaxed setting. At the end of the day, this will only deliver you good results – in terms of efficiency and productivity as the communication lines become more open.

Splendid Team Building And Leisure Activities

So, how many splendid team-building activities are available in Dubai? The answer is simple – uncountable! You just can’t exhaust the options when in the United Arab Emirates. On that note, let’s look at 7 resplendent team-building activities that will suit you guys just fine.

The Golf Simulator

Golf is not a sport; it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s just like a love affair which if not taken seriously, ends up being no fun. If taken seriously, however, it ends up breaking your heart to bits. In fact, it is good for the soul because it takes your mind off your worries as you focus on your swings.

Now imagine not having to take this game outdoors. Imagine having to experience the same fun with your mates indoors with the only missing being that you get no sun on your head! Well, this could actually be an advantage – at least you get to loosen the caps! Get to abet the office unity through this splendid team building activity.  Only from Hungarian Games!

Studio 113

What do you do when you discover you can lose complete control of yourself? What do you do once you realize that your own body can hold you captive and do all the things your own subconscious cannot fathom? Scary, right?

This is one splendid team-building escape room game from Hungarian Games.  The members of This force work with each other and find the cure within 60-minutes to escape or else risk their worst nightmares. Talk about fun with a touch of thrill. What’s more, to escape this room, it is completely essential that your team cooperates; otherwise, the inevitable is going to happen.

Only What You Have

When it comes to creativity, this is something you can play with your team, even in the confines of your office. This splendid team-building game stimulates cooperation and creativity at the same time.

Members are divided into teams with each receiving a set of supplies to work with and come up with a certain project. Note that they can only use what is allocated to them. Alternatively, stock can be placed in the middle of the room with each group expected to pick several items.

Each group then receives a certain time period to accomplish their task. How they use the materials given to them is totally up to them. Whatever they come up with is then evaluated at the end of the session. This game teaches how to solve problems under constrained resources.

The Crime Scene

What do you do when someone brutally takes the life of your loved one? I can already see you seething. Take it easy; I’m not about to encourage you to get nasty and go on the wrong side of the law.

Justice delayed equates to justice denied. The police are dilly-dallying with the corruption having crept up to the big bosses. You cannot depend on the ‘trusted’ law keepers. What’s worse, they are keeping you and your fellow highly valued private investigators from checking out the murder.

Lucky you, you’ve got access to the crime scene but with only 60-minutes on the clock to wind up your ‘detective search’. Will you and your mates find out exactly what happened or will the corrupt police catch you when the clock clicks one hour later?

This escape room game from Hungarian Games doesn’t just sound fun and thrilling, it actually is. And your team will surely get to take away some learnings at end of the game.

The Art Love

This is where your imagination can become reality – where you don’t take photographs but instead make some. Where no one judges you for your mistakes – pro or not – they aren’t mistakes but rather little accidents.

Get to bring your kids to the art studios available and offered by Hungarian Games and make new relations as you live and love. Draw, doodle, paint, whatever, but feel free to express yourself on the wall, no one’s going to complain about the mess…er, your artwork.

Discover The Motif

You’ll be surprised to find out how many similarities you have with your employees. Here, you are required to divide the team into groups with each group naming characteristics about themselves. The common factors are then gathered together. It could be a sport, a hobby or even a type of food that all members fancy. Once this is done, the members proceed to create a list of stereotypical qualities associated with such people.

The groups can then combine and assess the stereotypes listed as they analyze how this affects each member’s perception of others. They will also discuss how they reached such common ground per group.

This type of team-building activity can even be held in the workplace. However, if you want your team to have a more relaxed atmosphere, Hungarian Games has conference rooms that can accommodate up to 60 people with complete state- of the art amenities.

Haunted Room

The freaky vibe in this escape room will set your blood running faster. Some experiments that went haywire in the same room you are in led tortured souls to be trapped there. You will also follow that same route if you don’t find out what went wrong – they will mercilessly take over your body and have you their prisoner.

As soon as the clock starts ticking, the whispers are clearly audible. You can hear them plot all the things they will do to you!

This splendid team-building game pushes you and your mates to the edge as you unify forces for a common good, or at least escape.


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In as much as these team-building games will propel you and see some calm in the office, there always will be issues and disputes that might require a bit more effort to settle. There is strength in numbers. That notwithstanding, you might have the numbers in a large workforce without the strength. It’s about time you saw some changes and increased productivity in your office place. Thank us later!


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