Haunted Room

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Haunted Room

From: AED160.00 / person

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Haunted Room

Difficulty : 4/5
Required Age :  16+

You like to know this, the torments of invisible spirits of tortured souls have been encountered in this haunted room since after a dark experiment went wrong here long time ago.

Failing to solve the clues that help solve the mystery of what went wrong in that experiment will result into a penalty - the spirits will have your body trapped and take over your body forever. Our Hungarian games haunted room is survival of the fittest and you ought to be prepared to win.

Now the most important haunted room survival secret - the spirits are plotting to have you trapped against all odds so as the clock starts ticking, ensure to listen up because you’d hear them whispering in low tone.

You have to survive their cold breaths and haunting echoes so that they don’t succeed with their plans to get you trapped forever in haunted room. Be brave, be strong, be sharp and in overall - be smart enough to escape the trapped souls of the haunted room.

Haunted Room Guide/Rules

  • Room size: Haunted room is spacious.
  • No. of Participants: Minimum Number of participants is Two (2) and Maximum is Six (6). Room space is ideal for 2 persons at max for a splendid studio experience (3 or more persons can also play!).
  • Fee Per Person: AED 160 per participant (small room).

The change in price will be active from 19 October and will be valid for all the rooms no exceptions.


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