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Mother's Day Promotion

Take the time this Mother's Day to show her how much you love her, by spending quality time with her. There's no better way to bring families closer than by working together to achieve a goal, all while having fun.

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Haunted Room(Passage No.9)

Where nobody rests in peace

Long ago right here in this room a dark experiment went wrong and now the spirits of the tortured souls are trapped here. They will take over your body and will have you trapped in for eternity unless you solve the clues that help solve the mystery of what went wrong in that experiment. You have to survive their cold breaths, the haunting echoes and the whole freaky vibes. As clock starts ticking you can hear the whispers going around the room, they are planning and plotting to have you trapped with them till time stops ticking till the sun stops rising and till the world exists. You were brave enough to enter the haunted room but are you smart enough to escape the trapped souls.

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About Hungarian Games

The world's first Escape Game was developed in Hungary and now that same room is here in Dubai developed by Parapark. Hungarian Games as the name suggests is not just limited to one activity or one game. We have a bouquet of activities that help both in team building and individuals to have a unique experience like never before.

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Escape Games

Escape Room Games in Dubai are gaining popularity in terms of things to do in Dubai, but Hungarian Games has brought the world's first escape room game to Dubai.

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Opti Golf

Golf in Dubai is seen as an ideal activity for one to enjoy. But what if you had the opportunity to play golf not just on UAE golf courses, but many other famous golf courses around the world

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Art Studio

The wall is your canvas paint, splash, doodle, or sketch your choice. You have the freedom to turn your imagination into reality on various sizes of canvas and take them home with you!

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Conference Room

The conference room is totally IT equipped but it is nothing like your usual conference room it is a place that generates creativity, positivity and effective ideas. It can easily hold up to 60 people. A perfect place to hold effective seminars and also to host amazing birthday parties!

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