Creativity, Simplicity, High quality, Fun

From Hungary we bring you the spirit of creativity and simplicity combined with warmth and fun in being together.
You can feel this in our décor as well as the service of our staff as soon as you come in.
To achieve this, we have collected a bouquet of unusual activities from all over and chosen the very best.
Escape Games: Inspired by famous Hungarians Erno Rubik and Houdini the Escape artist, our Franchiser Attila Gyurkovics is the original inventor of escape games. His idea has spread throughout the world and is the most popular game today.
Golf: Golf is brought from Optigolf of Australia.
Szines: The idea for Art Studio with huge canvases is an idea originated from the Street Art scene of Budapest.
Conference Room: Is completely I-T Equipped for presentation and training and can fit upto 60 people.
Cafe: Our cafe Vétel is some thing unique in itself with hot coffee, tea, smoothies and a good variety of snacks .

“Hungarian Games” is swiftly growing into a full-fledged Activity zone for adults and youngsters alike. in this respect Hungarian games has proved to be a pioneer in the UAE market.
The core strength of “Hungarian Games” stems from the professionalism which drives the service, the imagination to think big, the determination to try hard and the conscience to care more.


We play together, win together, lose together, stay together.

Based on ‘Flow Theory”, that a person’s inner strength and abilities improve under stress, Hungarian Game’s” aspires to provide the best comprehensive training program of layering different activities together.
For Hungarians work should not seem like work. We believe training should not seem like training but more like fun.
All our activities are built around discovering, fast thinking, problem solving, team-working and learning.
If you have never hit a ball with a golf-club. Not to worry!
If you have never held a paint brush ….. here is your chance!
Whether you come in small groups or large!
You come for several activities, or just a single one or just a cup of coffee. You are bound to go back smiling, feeling good about yourself and your life!