Golf Game 18 Holes

Golf Game 18 Holes

From: AED250.00 / person



Indoor Golf Game 18 Holes is not different from every other indoor golf game that you know! But rather, Hungarian Indoor Golf Game 18 Holes has been tweaked to be more fun,exciting and thrilling especially when enjoyed with friends, colleagues or teammates.  

Providing golf enthusiasts with a unique experience that emphasizes innovation coupled with honesty and integrity. Optigolf offers you the ultimate indoor golf experience, far more than simply playing golf. Designed to provide an incredibly realistic indoor golf environment for both playing and practicing.


State of the art technology with high speed cameras makes the system extremely accurate.

A place where total beginners, regular players, scratch golfers and touring pros play side-by-side in all weather conditions on different courses.


About Golf Game

Golf is an exciting game that is though simple and complex; simple to learn but difficult to perfect; and bids to both the youthful and old. Be that as it may, it is as yet an element of amusement and fun.


Golfers appreciate many parts of golf play, however the component that dependably holds them returning is the entertainment value they derive. Luckily, this aspect can be conveyed successfully with a quality indoor golf room.


Indoor Golf Game 18 Holes Guide/Rules


  • Room size: Indoor Golf Game 18 Holes is huge and spacious.


  • No. of Participants: Minimum Number of players is Two (2) and Maximum is Six (6).


  • Fee Per Person: AED 250 per player (big space).


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