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Art Studio Huge Canvas



Hungarian Art Studio Huge Canvas is best designed for you and your friends, workplace colleagues, and corporate teammates. Explore creative fun arts and painting escape games with friends this season! In art studio huge canvas: you basically get nothing short of challenging artwork and painting contest with loved ones in a free spacious huge sized room.

You’d come to see a few artistic paintings in relatively different designs. In any case, you saw that the door of the studio is bolted from outside and you and team is locked away. You have a vacant canvas and your solitary assignment is to have a fabulous time and top off the entire canvas which comes in different sizes.

Let the Inner Picasso out and come to Hungarian Games to make your own connoisseur piece which you would then be able to take it home too – it’s all the art studio huge canvas is about.


Here’s the ‘Plot’

“You’ve been requested to help in a disappearance!

Somewhere in town, a studio is hiding a secret and your help is required!

Lackaday! the tenant has disappeared without a trace.

Your find clues, solve few questions to help us find our friend’s whereabout!”


Welcome to Hungarian Art Studio Small Canvas! Where connoisseurs display art skills.


Art Studio Huge Canvas Guide/Rules


  • Room size: Art Studio Huge Canvas is huge and spacious.


  • No. of Participants: Minimum Number of players is Two (2) and Maximum is Six (6). Room space is ideal for up to 6 persons for a splendid studio experience.


  • Fee Per Person: AED 1000 per participant (huge space)


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